Our Family's History

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Our family started on November 1, 2003 when Doug and Lauri got married. We added to our family on August 7, 2005 with the arrival of Ronnie. We live in Shakopee, MN and enjoy going to the gym, the movies, karate, and Papa's (and Nana's) cabin in McGregor on weeekends.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easter 2012

Since we were going to be in Florida for Easter, we enjoyed celebrating it a week early with Nana, Kiki and the Weiss family.  We colored Easter eggs at home - then made deviled eggs out of them and brought them to Kiki and Zach's house for a barbecue.

Coloring Easter eggs with Nana.

All the eggs were colored!

Doug and his DB stache and beard....  He promptly shaved it at Kiki and Zach's house.

Snowboarding - January 2012

We signed Ronnie up for snowboarding lessons through the Bloomington Park System.  He had 3 group lessons at the Hyland Park Ski Hill, and they a private lesson after that.  He did a great job and really enjoyed it!

Looking like a snowboarder!

The first group lesson.

Learning how to get strapped in to the board.

Learning how to push/walk up the hill to the Magic Carpet.

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Riding the Magic Carpet up the hill so that he can board down.

Kiki's Baby Showers

Kiki (Doug's sister, Katie) and Zach were expecting a little girl in late-April.  Katie had a baby shower in Boise, and two in Minnesota.  Lauri hosted one  of the Minnesota showers, and Katie's cousin, Kristi Joesting hosted the other.  Here are some photos from those showers.

Zach (Olivia's daddy) and his mom, Deb Weiss.

The shower Lauri hosted - at Kiki & Zach's house.
Lots of family from both sides and friends from work.

Instead of fruit salad - Lauri made flower fruit kabobs.

The pretty mama-to-be.

Opening presents - lots of presents!

Kiki and Elsha.

An outfit from Auntie Lauri!

Looking good at Kristi's shower.

Opening presents.

Kiki and the "Grandmas" - Deb and Donna (Nana).

Kiki and Lauri

Kiki and Great Aunt Grace.

Kiki and Kristi.

New Year's Eve at Beth Bird's House

Per our tradition, we spent New Year's Eve at Beth Bird's house...  with Beth, Lindsay, Bryan and Christie Bird and Nate, Jessica and Harley Albrecht.  Per our tradition - we had a GREAT time!

Ronnie and Lauri in the hot tub.

Karate Kub Black Belt Test

Ronnie is the first Karate Kub to achieve the level of Black Belt.  Other Kub students moved to the Juniors level once they turned 7.  Ronnie had to go through 2 different testing periods to achieve the final Black Belt designation.  He was then moved to the Juniors level at the Camoflauge ranking.  We are so proud of him and his accomplishments with karate!!!!

1st Black Belt Testing - breaking the board with a kick.

1st Black Belt Test - breaking the board with a hand strike.

Master Youngman giving Ronnie HIS black belt!

The Karate Kubs after a successful test.

Ronnie and Master Youngman after the 1st Black Belt test.

2nd Black Belt Test - Sparring

2nd Black Belt Test - "Nice job ma'am..."

2nd Black Belt Test - Breaking the board with a jumping side kick.

2nd Black Belt Test - Jumping side kick = broken board!
2nd Black Belt Test - Sitting at attention.

Master Youngman awarding Ronnie his Karate Kub black belt
by giving him his Junior Camoflauge  belt.

"Thank you sir"

Getting a well-deserved hug from Master Youngman.
Master Youngman said "I am so proud of this guy!"

Karate Kubs after testing.

Ronnie and Master Youngman.

Science Fair at Poplar Bridge Elementary

Ronnie was so excited the day he came home from school with information on Poplar Bridge's Science Fair.  He and Doug decided to build a model of the Hubble Telescope (I think Doug was reliving his childhood....).  Ronnie created the display to go along with the model and conducted the presentation at school all on his own.  He thought he did pretty good when it was all said and done.  The following week, we received a note in his "Bee Book" that he had been awarded 1st place out of all the Kindergarteners who participated!  They celebrated the accomplishment of all of the Science Fair winners (for each grade) at a Bloomington Northern Lights hockey game by calling the winners out on to the ice during the 1st period break.  We are so proud!!!!

Ronnie's Hubble Telescope and display.

Ready for the presentation.

Ronnie with his certificate of participation.

Ronnie (1st place winner) and Ulrich (2nd place winner) getting ready to be recognized
at the Northern Lights hockey game.  Ronnie is wearing his 1st place medal.

The Science Fair winners!

Christmas 2011

2011 was the year for the Shakopee Dahlbergs to spend Christmas in Minnesota.  We were the greeters at church on Christmas Eve - then came home and opened presents.  On Christmas Day, we headed over to the Weiss Family's home for Christmas dinner and got to know them.  Zach is Kiki's significant other, and it was great to spend more time with him, his mom and dad, and his sisters.  Of course, we had fun hanging out with Kiki as well!  We left the Weiss home and headed up to the cabin for the week.  Doug's coworker and her husband (Jan and Rusty) came for an overnight visit with their dogs - and Rusty played hockey with Ronnie on the lake.  Of course, it was so nice out that Ronnie also played football on the sandy beach with just a polar fleece jacket on.  We had a relaxing time, and headed back on New Year's Eve Day.

Christmas Eve - talking on the phone with Maama....
Christmas Morning - Playing with the military truck and shuttle.

Christmas Morning - Playing foosball with Daddy.
Christmas Morning - Playing Rock-em-Sock-em with Mom.

Ronnie and Zach at Zach's parent's house.

Ronnie all suited up for hockey on Big Sandy Lake.

Rusty and Ronnie playing hockey.

Rusty guarding his goal post (i.e. the bait bucket).

Ronnie playing football on the beach.

Cute boy....